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Jenny flies again!

Welcome to Friends of Jenny (FOJ), a non-profit organization formed to bring to life the important and educational significance of the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny biplane, a hundred years after it was conceived and test flown.  The aircraft forever associated with barnstorming, became the first mass produced World War I flight trainer, carried the first regularly scheduled Air Mail, and brought the thrill of flight to America.  A true icon in the story of American Aviation.

Our Jenny began as a dream for Harry Balcer of Ohio. As a boy growing up in the late 30's this mechanical Engineer wanted to build a full sized historic biplane. We took Harry's dream and applied authentic Curtiss plans for a 1917 JN4. The original 38262 (long since gone), was one of six JN4H's delivered in Army Air Service markings and had the distinction of carrying the first U.S. Air Mail on May 15, 1918 on the Washington DC to New York route.

We invite you to join our group of Aviation Enthusiasts, Pilots, and Craftsman to maintain and fly this legend of the air.

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