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Your donation is essential to keep Curtis Jenny 38262 flying!

The history and authenticity of construction make 38262 a valuable tool to educate and celebrate the history of early aviation.  But experts say that an aircraft, built entirely of wood, wire, cast metal parts, and fabric was originally constructed to last no longer than two years.  So upkeep is essential.  We have used the latest in restoration techniques, with materials such as Poly fiber to cover the wooden frame, but our cables, wires, turnbuckles, wood landing gear, all need continuous upkeep and maintenance.  The engine, a much more efficient, reliable model than the original, enables this Curtiss Jenny to travel extended distances with relatively fewer maintenance challenges, but constant upkeep is critical. The aftermarket radiator is chugging along, but will need to be replaced soon.  And just like in the barnstorming days, a spare wood propeller is essential!

​Educating the public – young and old alike – about the history of early aviation is our passion. We are taking a flying museum to the public.  This requires educational materials, traveling expenses and insurance.

Your tax deductible donation will support our mission to educate audiences across America. More than that, it will keep the only museum-caliber traveling Jenny in the air.  Please ask about details for the benefits associated with various giving levels.

Thank you for your support!