Friends of Jenny is proud to announce "The 2017 Liberty Centennial Air Tour".

Our Jenny, 38262 is available for public appearances. Based in the heartland of America, Bowling Green, Kentucky (BWG), 38262 is in the process of scheduling the very exciting 2017 Air Tour, focusing on the Centennial of military aviation. We will appear at numerous military installations around the country. Each flight plan is supported by a team of FOJ pilots and ground Crew that travel in support of the mission.  Each flight will look for partnerships along the proposed flight path.

Weather permitting, our Jenny will fly between 150 and 200 miles per day.  While transiting, we will seek partnerships that will typically include an EAA chapter hosting our visit, by providing an enclosed hanger and fuel, lodging for our crew (homes are just fine) in return for tours of the 38262, demonstration flights, educational packets on the importance of early aviation to America, and media kits to promote in advance the Jenny's appearance.

If you would like to be included in one of Jenny's flight plans, please let us know, by clicking here.

2016 TOURING SCHEDULE is complete.  2017 to be announced soon.

April 27

Bowman Field Aviation Heritage Series - Guest speaker

Louisville, KY
May 11
Cape Girardeau Air Show
Cape Girardeau, MO
May 12-15
Barkley Regional Airport 75th Anniversary Air Event
Paducah, KY
May 26-29
Salute to Veterans Air Show
Columbia, MO
June 4-5
Great Tennessee Air Show
Smyrna, TN
June 18
Aviation Heritage Park 10th Anniversary Hanger Party 
Bowling Green, KY
June 25
London-Corbin Aviation Day
London, KY
July 8-11
Kentucky Aviation Museum Summer Camp 

Bowling Green, KY


Sept. 24

Regional Educational Events

M-91 Fly-in and Food Drive


Springfield, TN

Sept 29-Oct 2

Dawn Patrol Rendezvous 2016, 100th Anniversary of WW1 Natl. Mus. USAF

Dayton, Ohio

Oct 8-9
Bowman Field Aviation Heritage Festival
Louisville, KY

USPS re-releases famed Inverted Jenny Stamp


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The USPS just released the famed Inverted Jenny stamps as $2 versions. Check out more info here
Additionally, they announced that they've inserted 100 sheets of the "uninverted jennys" to recreate the excitement of the collector who discovered the original 24-cent version back in 1918. Check out more info here.

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